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Saturday, April 3, 2010

5 Photo Projects for a Rainy Day

1. Random Objects

Toys, fruit, flowers, musical instruments, books, clocks… there are probably more things around you to photograph than you realize. Take some time to focus on composition and lighting and you can turn these “common” items into a great photographic subject. If you have a macro lens, now is the time to use it as it will give you a whole new view on familiar objects.

2. Indoor Portraits

Grab a family member or call up a friend and make some portraits. Get your subject next to an open window and take advantage of the subdued diffused lighting that comes along with a rainy day. And there is no reason why you have to stay home… go shoot at a museum, school or any other indoor location that comes to mind. Just do a little research on their policies regarding photography first. Can’t find someone else to photograph? Then now might be a good time to try some self-portraits!
3. Water Drops

I won’t go into too much detail about the “how-to” because DPS already has a great tutorial available here ( Capturing images of water drops is very fun and is a very fitting pursuit considering the weather outside.

4. Go Abstract

Take a walk around your home and look for interesting shapes, textures and colors. If you keep an eye out for them, there are almost certainly a number of abstract photos waiting to be discovered.
5. Pet photography

Have a cat? Dog? Fish? Show your pet some love by spending time with them and capture some great photos in the process.

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