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Monday, November 2, 2015

How to find out who visited my Facebook Profile

Let’s get started

1 Log into your Facebook account and visit your profile
2.Right click on your timeline and select open view page source. You will be taken to a new page

3. Here, Press CTLR+F and a new dailogue box will open on the right corner of your screen
4. Search for the word “Initialchatfriendslist”. without quotation marks

5. You will now see numerous ids which are nothing but only profile ids of those who visited your Facebook profile. For example, “100003206416069-2” 100003206416069 <-this br="" facebook="" identification="" is="" my="" number="" of="" person="" profile.="" that="" the="" visited="">
6. Now open a new tab and enter number. Using the example I made earlier, it will be

And that's it. You will find the ID of every single person that visited your profile. Until next time!
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