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Monday, August 31, 2009

CLR Bathroom & Kitchen Cleaner - I Love it!

I moved into my apartment back in October 2005 and the tub was all nice and sparkling, but after few years of me living here it went from white to a light brown color. I tried everything to clean it and it just wasn't going back to the nice sparkling white. So, I bought a bottle of CLR Bathroom & Kitchen Cleaner (It's in a yellow bottle) and I must say that I'm in love with this product.

I tried other name brand products but it didn't come off. I then tried CLR Bathroom & Kitchen Cleaner Product. It is in a yellow bottle and has a foaming spray. This product is best for the soap scum or lime build up that you get from every day use of your showers, sinks and toilets.

Their commercial shows them just spraying and wiping off the product but that part is not 100% true. The best thing to do is spray the entire area that needs to be cleaned and let it set for about 10 or 15 minutes. Come back with a scrub brush and scrub the entire area. Depending on the surface, you can use a sponge. It comes off so easy and everything is sparkling again. Make sure you have proper ventilation because it has a very strong odor.

I am very happy with this product and won't use anything else for my bathroom. The only regret I have is not using it years ago. You can get this product in most grocery stores. I hope you enjoy this product as much as I did.
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