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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

How To Plump Your Lips Naturally

The majority of women, if they were candid with themselves, would have to admit that they really desired, at some point, having full lips with a tender, supple and full pout, this is what is popular with celebrities and there really is a certain appeal to it. Sensual plump lips make them appear very, sexy and can also be quite elegant if not over done. Honestly, women with plump lips are popular with the guys as well. Men love the look, that’s all.

Like a lot of other fashion driven looks, most women are not naturally blessed with full luscious lips. And some women will do just about anything to improve on nature. If you’ve got money to throw around, you may choose professional procedures or may opt for collagen injections, which are fillers injected into the lips that give the skin a plumper more smooth appearance. Collagen injections can be uncomfortable, expensive and allergic reactions to the collagen could pose a risk. What’s potentially worse, is that you may end up on the long and slippery slope of having to live up to commercial standards of beauty rather than accenuating your own and developing the natural beauty that comes from being comfortable in your own skin. By the time you’ve opted for implants, can you really call it your own skin at that point? Not only can you run into issues with your identity, you may be taking unnecessary risks. Besides, procedures like this result in a nice change but these treatments also can produce an unnatural look.

Before going the expensive and artificial route, consider balms that moisturize and plump up your lips. The results are sometimes less than desirable. Drug stores and cosmetic counters everywhere are jammed full with lip balms, creams and serums that will promise to significantly plump up your lips within minutes. Some of them may moisturize only for a short time and then actually dry out the lips soon after. These products can even be quite expensive. Most of these products do not live up to their claims or produce any real results. The ones that do are basically a mild irritant that cause a bit of swelling, thus creting a plumped look. The problem, of course it that you are putting a chemical on your lips that, while FDA approved, is still an irritant and the long terms effects are yet to be seen. So what’s the answer? Here’s a secret, there are many natural substances that have the same irritant effect but won’t harm your body at all. Cinnammon is a perfect example. It’s mild and because it’s a food, you can feel safe using it. Besides, it’s much cheaper than any flashy over the counter solution. See the video above for some other great tips.
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