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Friday, October 23, 2009

Artist Statement

Jennifer Arlem Molina is a Mexican American visual artist, living and working in Seattle, Washington. Her work has been exhibited in the Pacific Northwest, the Midwest and Mexico.

She has been a creative person her entire life. Her family always made sure she had plenty of art supplies around the house to satisfy her busy little hands. She frequently references her childhood experiences as a source of inspiration. Born and raised in one of the most artistically collaborative cities in Mexico, Mazatlan, she is no stranger to distinctive forms of art. Her grandmother enriched her life with her encouragement in the arts, dancing, painting, and writing. Art quickly became her passion and it still is.

At the age of twelve, her life was then again enriched with the American experience of immigration. Cultural immersion is always accompanied with culture shock; but, Jennifer somehow evaded the latter by becoming culturally intrigued in her new home, the culturally progressive Seattle, Washington. At the age of sixteen, her mother provided her with the opportunity to study in Paris. It was there where she developed a love for art history and became intrigued and fell in love with the work of Pablo Picasso, Mark Rothko and Jean-Michael Basquiat.

Art is how Jennifer explores her relationship with the world around her. It is an outlet for her ideas, her energy, her creativity, and even her frustrations. She is an observer, a listener, a story collector, seeking out the details in the patterns and cycles of our lives. Inspiration is drawn from life and movement, both physical and emotional as well as within her art. Her work is raw and constantly evolving, as she learns and grows from life experiences. She chooses to collaborate with her subjects and materials; therefore she works project-based, rather than medium-based.

Her process is done in many stages with a great deal of color, layers and endless emotions applied and pulled apart. As the piece develops, more and more is slowly revealed showing her the direction she wants to take. With this approach she aims to create work that becomes a representation of not only herself but of her environment.

In her art, she explores interpersonal relationships, the human condition, and the effect of our actions on the surrounding human landscape. She believes simple experiences can make us feel more connected to the world. They can give us a sense of beauty, chaotic order and liveliness, which enriches our souls.
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