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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Lipstick Tips From Shiseido

Here are three essential tips to get those red carpet lips.

Vitamin E -

It nutrifies the lips, gets rid of those ‘Frosted Flake’ lips, from chapped skin and keeps them in a healthy state. In addition, the vitamin E readies and lays a foundation for the second layer, the lip liner.

Lip liner-

An all-in-one brush is a nice convenience. The lip liner is what makes the actual shade effect that appears and is brought out once you apply the lip gloss. Done properly, you can even get a nice 3D effect which can give the appearance of nice pouty lips without extra products. Make sure to apply it evenly and use the brush to smooth those final details.

Lip gloss -

Pink is a nice all around color that matches everything. Getting a lip gloss with a mettalic sheen also helps to bring out fullness and poutyness. Simply apply as much as necessary to get the desired effect. Finally, smudge your lips together so that the layers blend completely and compliment each other for totally kissable lips.
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