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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

CS3: effect studies 01

1) Get 2 or more pictures that you want to blend together.

2) Next put each picture on its own layer putting the picture u want blending on the top. Then using the rectangle tool on the top layer, make a rectangle selection of what u want blended.

3) Now go to SELECTION>FEATHER. A box will pop up. this will determine come much the pictures will blend together.

4) Now make sure the rectangle that u made in the beginning is still there. And hit Clrl + C (copy). This will copy the top image. now click Clrl + V (paste) this will paste the top picture into the feathered rectangle.

5) You can also get similar results using the Eraser Tool and using a very large brush size. just make sure the pic you want to blend into the background is on top.
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