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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Infrared Photography

What is Infrared?

For those who don’t know what is “Infrared” in terms of Photography then, The infrared part of the light spectrum is outside the range of what we can see. With a digital camera, we can record just this “invisible light” and block the “visible” part. This results in unusual but often beautiful renderings of otherwise fairly common scenes. since the 1960’s artists have experimented with analog infrared photography. At the first glance, a monochrome picture taken in infrared may look similar to just another black and white photograph. And then you start seeing differences: objects which are bright in visible light (like sky) look dark here, while some of those which are “normally” dark (green foliage) acquire a bright glow.

Still Confused! What is The Difference?

The infrared spectrum of light lies just beyond what we can see as humans. For some, infrared photography has been just as elusive and mysterious. While capturing this invisible light has been possible for years, the process has been steeped in tedium, expense and unpredictable results. Because of these reasons, many photographers have only dipped their toes in this beautiful medium, or avoided it altogether. The digital photography revolution has rendered this unique art form much more accessible, and simpler, than in the analog photography days. Just look at the difference in following photo.
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