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Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Largest Telephoto Lens in The World

Telephoto Lens -- Make distant objects appear larger

With a narrower angle of view than a normal zoom, the telephoto lens is sought for its ability to magnify subjects taken from a distance. It’s useful for not only photographing animals an sporting events where you can’t get close to the subject but also shooting landscapes. Another benefit is that the narrow angle of view reduces the amount of background captured in the photo, thereby keeping photos simpler and free of distractions. Telephoto lenses are essential in portrait photography because of their inherent ability to defocus backgrounds. Telephotos are at their best when shooting animals or sporting events that can’t be approached. Use of a telephoto lens with a long focal length will result in greater defocusing of the background. Defocusing helps separate the subject from the background.

Coverage of telephoto zoom lenses

The focal length of the telephoto zoom lens generally begins near the telephoto end of a normal zoom and extends to four to six times this length. Its attraction lies in its power to draw distant objects up close.
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