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Monday, March 29, 2010

Chenille Stem Butterflies

Hang these butterflies by the antenna with fishing line from a paper plate punched with holes. Paint a sky with clouds on the plate to make your butterflies look like they are flying.

Parental supervision is recommended with the use of wire cutters.
What you'll need:

* Black chenille stem
* Any color bumpy chenille stem (for butterfly body)
* 4 Pom poms, optional
* Wire cutters
* Needle nose pliers
* Tacky glue (if using pom poms)

How to make it:

5. Cut the black chenille stem in half. (You will only use 1 piece for this project)
6. Bend the bumpy chenille stem in half in a V shape.
7. Fold down one end of the bumpy chenille stem to the base of the V. Bend around the V. The end should be pointing up.
8. Bend the bumpy chenille stem down to the base again. Bend around the V. This will form one side of the butterfly.

5. Repeat with other end of the bumpy chenille stem.
6. Be sure to use the needle nose pliers to hide any sharp ends.
7. Fold the black chenille stem in half.
8. Twist the bent end about 1/2" from the bend.
9. Slide the butterfly in-between the black ends of the chenille stem.
10. Twist the black chenille stem above the butterfly to hold it in place.
11. Separate the ends of the black chenille stem.
12. Bend one end of the black chenille stem over about 1/4". Bend again.
13. Repeat with other end. This makes the antennas.
14. If desired, place pom poms in the openings of the wings and use tacky glue to hold in place. Let dry.
15. If desired, hang with yarn or fishing line to make a mobile as described above.
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