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Friday, November 25, 2011

Days Gone By

We learn from our past and pray we won't make the same mistakes in our future. We think too much, sleep too little, and ask where the time has gone... We look for love and yet don't recognize it when it stands next to us, and search for it where we know it will not be found. The ones that TRULY love us, accept us for our faults and imperfections while taking part in celebrating our successes and triumphs. Our loyal friends hold our hands when we laugh or cry, yet do not judge us when we stumble or trip... instead they encourage us to watch our steps a little more closely... We count our blessings and plan our sins, all within the same few breaths. We empathize and judge others for our same behaviors and find strength in recognizing our own weaknesses. This is how we learn, grow, and evolve. Appreciate each experience, whether good or bad and know this is part of THE process we are all part of. We contribute to each other's processes in abstract ways...finding gratitude in the contribution allows us to honor each other after all is said and done.
(Via Michelle Leary)
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