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Friday, December 2, 2011

jMo 101: My Life As It Happens: Lucky 7

There's a theory that every few years you become a completely different person. You grow and change, physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, constantly expanding upon the energies of the universe. People often say you will change every seven years. From the cells in our bodies, to the thoughts in our heads. I've even heard some say your taste buds change. And you might even develop new allergies. But these changes are not instant. They are happening to you and each of us right now.
It simply takes seven years to complete the cycle.

Come to think about it, I believe in that theory. And not just because I spent the past hour reading scientific research online, but because I've gone through the cycles. Then again, I'm 27 years old, so its more like two cycles or something like that. Let's take my allergies for example. Never had an allergy in my life. And then, I found out I was allergic to penicillin when I was 13 years old. Followed by a rare and bizarre allergic reaction to olives at the age of 20 and the most recent one... asthma! Also, I guess taste buds do change. Pickles!! Gosh, I used to hate them. And now, I love them. One of my new favorite snacks. I pretty much have to have a back up jar at work and at home. I fell in love with dill pickles sometime this Spring.

I like to think of this time in my life as the final phase of one of those cycles. Or you could simply say I am mentally and emotionally entering into adulthood. I find myself wanting to take my career to the next level, more cautious, less concerned with the pursuit of fun, and more open to the idea of building a foundation for an intimate relationship.

Those around me are also changing. I can't think of negative changes, only positive ones. I was watching a movie with my little brother and sister after Thanksgiving dinner and it hit me; they are not babies anymore. Henry is two years away from getting his drivers license and Rebecca is turning into a beautiful little young girl. -- My friends are also changing. Some are settling down, others are starting a family of their own, and there will always be those who fight the idea of growing up, even though we're getting older.

Earlier tonight, I found myself laughing while texting Renee. We were both in bed on a Friday night before midnight and loving it. Excited about getting some rest. It's not the first time, but its the first time our New Years plans involve a "Let's just do something chill" phrase. I like to think of Renee as my partner in crime/wingwoman when needed. I remember a few times when I just wanted to go out on a random night and she would always be down. And I did the same for her. Not saying we don't do it anymore. We've made a few attempts, but they weren't very successful. The idea of staying in with a bottle of wine & a movie (with a side of gossip) seems more exciting. And, Seattle's winter weather doesn't help much.

I could sit here all night and come up with scenarios and interesting stories to back up the Every Seven Years You Change theory. Come to think about it, there is also that seven year itch relationship myth. Unlucky number 7!? Hmm, perhaps. It's an unlucky time for some, but lucky for me. Daraun and I didn't make it past the seven years. And, I'm glad we didn't. Otherwise, we wouldn't be friends right now. So you see, 7 is my lucky number. Call it a cliché, but it's my happy number, after the number 3.

Change is the most important element of life. It is the only element which is constant. I don't really know if some cycles really do complete every seven years. It seems like they do, but what do I know. I'm only 27 years old. I'm constantly growing and so are the people around me. Change is a frightening thing... and at the same time, it is our most divine opportunity. The most powerful thing you can do is embrace it. And, I don't mean "fake embracing" because I know some people who do that. I'm talking about that true embracement. The one that comes from the heart. We all know when we're faking it. That moment when we look at our friends and tell them we're ok with the situation, but in reality we're not. It's not until we allow whatever is changing to take over. Some of us cry out loud, others cry internally, but its that moment of acceptance that allow us to take control and unexpectedly change the direction we're going.

There is nothing like returning to a place that remains unchanged to find the ways in which you yourself have altered.— Nelson Mandela
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