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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Today is Mother’s Day in Mexico

Today is Mother’s Day in Mexico and it is fitting that this post is written especially for the woman who taught me (and continues to teach me) so much, Nelly Lizarraga. You taught me the importance of education, honesty, hard work and sacrifice. You gave me the gift of respect for myself, taught me how to be independent, showed me how to love myself. Thank you for reminding me to be friendly and to be kind to others. You taught me not to take crap from anyone, to stand tall and fight for what I believe in. It is because of you that I am the woman I am today. Thanks for being there for me through every victory, every failure, every lesson and every heartbreak and more. You might not always approve of my decisions and we argue, but I know its because you want nothing but the best for me. As I grow older I realize how fortunate I am to be surrounded with your strength, your passion and your perseverance. I love you mom!!
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