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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Industrial Adhesives - Caution!

So, I've always had this bad habit of not protecting my hands... especially when making art. There's something about feeling the paint that connects me to the work. There have been cases in which I don't use a brush and go straight for creativity with my hands. Unfortunately that has to stop.

Before I go into my "Polkadot Learning Moment of the Week" let me begin by saying that I fell down while rollerblading (still getting used to my new awesome, but oh so very fast rollerblades) so my right hand was already not getting any polkadot love.

I decided to tackle a mixed media project that required me putting together pieces of wood before painting and of course, what did I do? I didn't use gloves. Well, in my defense... I did, at first, but then they kept getting in the way and well I just ended up going for it.

I finished the first part of the project and washed my hands, but it wasn't coming off. I figured a good shower would do the trick. To my surprise, it didn't. I woke up and my hand looked nasty, but luckily it didn't hurt. Industrial adhesives are engineered to bind heavy materials such as tile or wood panels very quickly, so removing some that gets dropped onto skin takes a few careful steps. So now, I' walking around with this gross looking hand, but in my defense... I'm an artist. And, also we all know I learn best from trial and error.
So, here's to hoping that I learned my lesson and make sure I wear gloves the entire time I'm working on a new project.
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