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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Seahawks 12K Run - Post Race Recovery

I tried to cheat on my middle school 1 mile run because I was lazy. Then, some idiot ran a red light when I was in college leaving me with a bad neck and shoulder. After training for a few months, today I successfully completed my first fitness challenge of 2013. Seahawks 12K Run at The Landing. Knowing how to recover is just as important as training. So, now I must relax my body, mind and soul to recover for my next challenge. ♥ Special thanks to my sponsors.

--- Many of you have asked me what I do on daily basis to keep in shape, and how I make it a priority. So here's my philosophy: Staying in shape involves a lot of discipline which admittedly can be hard when we're busy, but it is of the utmost importance both because of our health, and because our self-esteem will effect every part of our lives.

It's not superficial to want to stay in shape; it's very connected to our self-respect and our energy level. If I go for too long without exercising, or if I eat too many unhealthy foods, I start feeling lethargic and slow. It's depressing on the inside and the outside!

It's no secret that I love sweets... so I don't stop myself and enjoy cake, nutella and some of my other favorites whenever I want to. For exercise, I do my best to make it to the gym at least 5 times per week and do a cardio circuit, along with strength training, but that’s not always possible so I make it a point to stay super active throughout the day. I’m talking walking a lot, parking far away, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, have a few 30 seconds dance parties here and there. For my diet, well, let me begin my saying it’s rare that I go on a diet. I focus on eating foods with the proper nutrients, drink lots of water. I have a lot to learn, so I am working on it. So, my PolkaDot Fitness challenge is not about doing some crazy diet or feeling bad for missing a workout. When it comes to losing weight, staying healthy and in great shape, there is no magic pill. It’s about discipline and motivation.

Having said that, go ahead!! Start your own fitness challenge. Walk 15 minutes a day and then increase it to 30 and soon you might be running. Do whatever it is that feels right. Jump up and down for 5 minutes a day, anything you do is going to be the first step towards being more active and having a healthier lifestyle.

*hugs & polkadot love
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