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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Isagenix's Sleep, Support & Renewal

Ok, so I've been dealing with insomnia since 2008. It started sometime after my horrible car accident. At first it was nightmares, then I just couldn't sleep. Luckily I was still in college and along with my art, I managed to make the most of it. But... now that I'm getting older, well, let's just say it's not the same. I still love the productivity though.
So last year I was dating someone and I fell in love... with sleep. lol. No, seriously! There was something heavenly about coming over and going to bed around 10pm. I woke up loving life, having all types of energy, my skin was glowing, and let's just say that 2012 was not only productive at night, but all day long. So, I had that feeling for almost a year and after things didn't work out I found myself back in the studio until sunrise and when I was at home, I still couldn't sleep. I think I finished six seasons of Ghost Whisperer in less than two months.
I've been secretly trying to fix my sleeping patterns since the beginning of the year. Everything from tea, meditation, forcing myself to not sleep a lot, and nothing. A friend once said "the most common cause of insomnia is simple; it's loneliness." I can see why she thinks that, but I also know lots of single people who sleep like babies. About a month ago, a friend introduced me to Isagenix's Sleep, Support & Renewal spray. She works out as much as I do. We're talking weight lifting and all that good stuff, not your average girly workouts. So, let's get to the point. That spray is simply fabulous. I love it!! Three sprays 30-45 minutes before bed and I am out like a light. I still wake up in the middle of the night, but not as much as before and the best thing is that I can go back to sleep right away.
I strongly recommend it if you're dealing with insomnia, need beauty sleep, muscle recovery rest, or simply want to wake up feeling all types of fabulous. Trust me!!! You're going to love it.
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