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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

9 Cheap (or Free) Ways You Can Make Your Home (& Life) Better This Weekend

It's the weekend! Time to relax, maybe slow down a bit, maybe work on a renovation or DIY project. You can improve your home a little (and maybe even make your life a little better). We've rounded up some recent good ideas that would be perfect to try out this weekend while you've got this extra time. And don't worry — none of these ideas will cost an arm or leg!

1. Do a little (effective!) cleaning

In the mood to clean but not clean from top to bottom? Focus your efforts on the5 Chores You Should Never Skip for maximum effect.

2. Fix a design mistake

Why not identify — and successfully tackle — a common design mistake that might be lurking in your home? Even the most stylish of spaces sometimes have a common mistake that's detracting from lovely design. Get some help: 6 Common Design Mistakes You Can Fix Today.

3. DIY something for home

In the mood to lighten your mood with a fun DIY project that will also add some style to your space? These won't break the bank: 20 DIY Projects You Can Make for Under $10.

4. Add DIY style to a boring bathroom

Or why not focus your affordable DIY efforts on the room in your house that probably needs a lot of extra style attention, your bathroom? 25 Small Bathroom Ideas You Can DIY.

5. Learn how to make something (and save money in the future)

You could take the weekend to learn how to make something that you normally buy — cultivating that DIY spirit and learning how to save some dough in the process: Do It Yourself: 10 Things to Make Instead of Buy.

6. Practice not saying this

You could spend some of your weekend time entertaining guests, and putting into practice this radical but effective idea: Never (Ever!) Say This Word To Guests In Your Home. Also practice not saying these things: Practice Positive: 3 Things to Stop Saying to Your Home's Visitors.

7. Make filing fun

You could take a little time making that never-fun task of filing a little more enjoyable: Easy, Chic DIYs: 3 Upgrades for Boring File Cabinets.

8. Clean your kitchen sink!

You could take the time to really clean your kitchen sink!

9. When in doubt, add flowers

You could fill your home with some inventive and lovely flower arrangements perfect for summer (and something to help you smile when the work week picks up again!). 15 Centerpieces For Your Summer Table.
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