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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

DIY Idea: Smartphone Projector Made From a Shoebox

DIY Idea: Smartphone Projector Made From a Shoebox

One of my favorite parts of fall nights is hunkering down in the house with friends, hot cocoa, popcorn and a movie. Projectors are expensive, but one has long been something I wanted to own. This genius little shoebox DIY has me inspired to make my own.
The Meta Picture suggests repurposing some very common household items to make a working projector. I would never have thought to use a maginifying glass, but they are extremely affordable and removing the handle should be an easy project.
Then it's just as easy as cutting a hole in the shoebox, attaching the magnifying glass and using a paperclip to create a stand for the phone inside.
You can check out the full step by step on The Meta Picture.
(Image credits: The Meta Picture)
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