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Thursday, October 16, 2014

A Leaky Faucet is Like Flushing Money Down the Toilet

Leaky faucets waste thousands of gallons of water per household each year, a costly mistake for your wallet and the environment.   Similar to our article on toilet leaks, we will help you uncover the facts about how much water is actually wasted and how to keep that hard earned cash in the bank.  While we focus on the average household, these tips can also apply to small business owners and retailers looking to cut costs and go green.

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Have a LEAK?

The sooner you know you have a water leak, the more money you can save. Not only can a water leak run up your water bill, it can cause property damage both inside and outside your home or business. Here’s how to spot the signs that you might have a problem!


  • Unusually high monthly water bill
  • An alert from your water company telling you they think you have a water leak
  • Low water pressure or low volume in your home
  • The sound of running water, when nothing is in use
  • Unusual soft or wet areas in the yard, possibly with standing water
  • Water meter consumption changing when not using water

If you are still having trouble or suspect you have a leak, contact Clearwater Leak Detection 
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