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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Make Over Old Sweaters with DIY Details

Maybe moths had a field day with your wool sweaters this summer, or you're just really, really sick and tired of your wardrobe. Quick like a bunny, update old stuff with a couple stitches and a few simple materials. Try these projects on for size...
1. Above, embellish sleeves with a series of beads to create a custom pattern.Tuts+ used a basic t-shirt, but the process is essentially the same for a sweater.

2. Use a duplicate stitch (on top of an existing knit) to add an image or pattern. This works particularly well if you want to sport your initial or monogram. This tutorial from Wool and the Gang shows a hat, but the same applies to a sweater.

3. Sleeves are a great spot to add a little detail. These duplicate stitch hearts come from One Sheepish Girl.

3. Mend holes in your knits with a little help from Martha Stewart.

4. If you want to try your hand at felting, take a look at this polka dot project fromKittenhood.

5. Wool and the Gang shows you how to use a chain stitch to add a chunky saying or quote to your clothing.

6. More creative mending from Karen Barbé. This time, it's a duplicate stitch on the sleeves of a worn sweater.

7. Elbow patches are a favorite of mine. Create a basic version in a contrasting color, either by felting or appliqué. Or, make them in a fun shape — like a heart, star, or even a fox.

8. If you like the look of cross stitch, create a floral pattern for something that's otherwise quite plain, like this waffle knit top from Uber Chic for Cheap.

9. Get all cute by embroidering a kitty on the front. This one is from Kittenhood.
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