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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Transform your life in just six months!

Via: NLP Choices | Blog 
Transform your life in just six months!
Do you have a dream that you have yet to realize? If you could change your behavior patterns – even your beliefs – what would that be worth to you?
We are all programmed by each and every experience we have ever had, from the instant of conception (possibly before) to the moment before our death (and possibly beyond). These experiences influence our thoughts, attitudes, decisions, communication, relationships… every aspect of our being, programming us with behaviors and beliefs. Many people believe that this ‘computer’ is impossible to change on a deep level.
Well, what if you could?
When you confront your programming at the level of process instead of technique, you can transform at the deepest levels of process, so that new behavior becomes automatic. By learning Neuro-Linguistic Programming, you will be able to completely change your internal computer; allowing you to move through the world differently.
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