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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Lucky Penny Necklace

For more tutorials visit: Girl In Air 

I'm so excited to share how to make a 
LUCKY Penny Necklace

Here is everything you will need.

Punch and Die Set with Doming Block
I got this one at Harbor Freight using their 20% off coupon for $28

A Letter Stamping Set
I splurged on a nice set from Beaducation $165
but I have also purchased a standard set at 
Harbor Freight or Home Depot for $4-$10

A Necklace and Jump Ring
I purchased mine at Hobby Lobby
Every other week they are half off so watch for the sales!

A Penny, Rubbing Alcohol, Sharpie, Pliers, Hammer and Drill.

 I marked each penny with a sharpie, placed it in a vise grip and drilled a hole with the hubby's drill press.
I used a 5/84 bit it will close a little when you dome the penny so any smaller and you might not be able to get your jump ring through the hole
 I always start with the center letter and work my way out.
Note: I only have a lower case set from Beaduction 
so I used my Home Depot upper case set for the letter L.
Use sharpie to fill in letters and wipe clean with rubbing alcohol.
Now you can stop here and make a necklace....or you can dome it.
 You can dome penny upside or downside.
Use the different pens for different shapes.
It's really fun to play around.....
Just a few hits with a hammer and you have a nice domed penny. 
You can also make earrings.
Copper color necklace set from Hobby Lobby
Use Pliers to attach the jump ring.
A LUCKY penny necklace perfect for St Patrick's Day
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