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Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Rain

Written by S. Morrow

As I'm laying awake
Watching the rain take place
Listening to it call my name 
The feeling from it
Drives me insane
As the touch of the drops
Comes down my face 
While the stream of water 
Goes down my arms and legs
It's enough just to make
Make an orgasm take place
What am I doing 
Laying out in the rain 
It's so hard to leave something
When it's calling your name 
The calls are strong
Over and over again
The pressure it's building 
It's coming again
As I lay here wanting to cry out
Cry out and scream your name 
Like it's heaven sent
So I pray and pray
As I lay out in the rain
Tears coming down my face 
So hard to be strong
When I'm in this place
All I can think of
Is you and me 
Plus that love filled pain
That brings ecstasy
Well ecstasy from true intimacy
As you cum inside
While I'm moaning your name 
I'm doing the best I can 
I want to feel your embrace 
Wishing you were here 
Here to hold my hand 
Calling getting louder 
The calling from the rain
I can't help it
It's driving me insane
I am a slave
A slave to the rain
My body saying one thing 
My mind the other
Calling of the fierce drawn rain 
It's enough to overpower 
I can never fight the rain
I just need to be strong 
As it calls me name
A pounding pour
A soft sweet whisper
Going through my mind 
Telling my body what to feel
What to feel inside
Not wanting to but having to hide
My body screams
There's a warrior inside
Not sure what to do but fight
Laying here one
But better with two
The war won't end till I'm with you
Im'a lay out here
Watch the storm take place
Cool off
Then wait for the chance 
For you to join me
in the rain. 
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