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Friday, June 12, 2015

Choose happiness

It definitely takes courage to trust yourself more than you trust the opinions of others. As much as we may seek out others to find the answers in our lives, our hearts and our intuition know best. Lay your fear aside and tune into the whisperings of your heart.

Be the first to apologize... forgive... and forget. There is no room in this life for pain that can be released by making a choice. Choose happiness.

Keep your curiosity alive. This is what keeps our perspective fresh and doors open. Continue to press forward and open your mind to the endless possibilities that await! Don't look back at what might have been or what "should" have been. Instead, think about what you can do now, in the present. Be curious, not expectant.

Take each experience for what it is - a building block, an opportunity to learn and grow, a blessing. Even the "negatives" are necessary, even if it's hard to see the greater purpose in the moment. So let's take it all in and be thankful for this beautiful life we have! It's a roller coaster for sure, but let's not forget to put our hands up and enjoy the ride.

Keep people in your life that truly love you, motivate you, encourage you, inspire you, enhance you and make you happy. If you have people who do none of the above.... let them go!!

The greatest gift we can give to another is our presence and our compassion. The next time a friend, lover or family member is suffering, simply say... "I am here for you." Listen without judging and resist the urge to give endless advice. This loving gesture is, many times, just what is needed to help someone get through a difficult time.

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