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Saturday, July 11, 2015

My Fitness Challenge Journey

I’ve fallen off the Fitness Challenge wagon a bit here and there. I’m still whining about my injured knee and lack of energy. But, aside from that I’m still active (for the most part). My weekly workout schedule is nothing like it used to be. These days, I'm lucky if I run 5 miles a week. I try to ride my bicycle as much as I can and I'm slowly cutting junk food out of my life. Getting through this journey will require a lot of dedication and discipline, but I am confident I can and will do it. So, this morning I woke up and decided to stop making excuses. Today was the beginning of my 20 week fitness challenge that goes until the end of November of this year. Perhaps it had something to do with the crazy amount of unhealthy food I ate last night. But either way, I'm excited, definitely nervous, but most important of all.... I'm ready! 

Let's make this clear... I don't plan on going under a "total body transformation" or hit a size I've never been. I know my limits and all I want to do is get back to my healthy and happy weight. I plan on reintroducing not so yummy but very healthy snacks to my life. I won't starve myself and will continue to have that cookie and even carbs, but all in moderation. Cutting booze out of my life won't be an issue, because I made that change a long time ago. I enjoy a nice glass of champagne or wine here there, but mostly on special occasions.

So what's different about this time? Well, for starters I needed to get my life in order. No more unnecessary stress and bullshit excuses. I've struggled with finding the discipline to workout but these past few days have been nothing but motivational and I am extremely blessed to have the support of fantastic people in my life. Always understanding and far from judgmental. 

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People often tell us "we're beautiful just the way we are" and they're not lying. In my far from expert opinion, fitness has nothing to do with how beautiful you are, but rather how you feel. I've maintained my frame, I can still fit into all of my clothes... I'm just not as comfortable wearing certain things I once did. In fact, I wasn't too comfortable with posting this photo but I want to be able to look back to this post in a few weeks and see my progress. I am currently at 158 lbs, which isn't new to me. The only difference is that last time I was 150 lbs it was because I was all muscle. Which is not the case this time. 

So, let me get off my soap box and leave with you this. I plan on periodically sharing my journey with my readers, hoping to inspire anyone who is also trying to lose weight and find the discipline to get back to a healthy lifestyle. Also, please know I welcome fitness tips, healthy recipes and any motivation you want to throw my way. With the support of my loved ones and self discipline, I look forward continued success and can't wait to reach my goal. 

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