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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

How To Get The Most From Your Hair Conditioner

Conditioner is important, but some ways are more effective than others to get the most out of it. The ends of your hair have the biggest need for conditioner. This is where hair is thinnest and therefore most fragile. Make sure to work your conditioner into the ends and get it saturated. Another mistake is not getting the conditioner INSIDE the hair, that is between as many hairs as possible. It’s quite easy just to coat the stuff on and hope that it is going to do some good. What works best is to comb the conditioner through so that as much surface as possible is treated. Also, make sure that the first thing you do in the shower is use conditioner. This will allow it to stay on your hair for a longer time before rinsing and also, the shower is a fantastic steam treatment, so let it sit as you wash the rest of your body.

With these quick tips you can get the most out of your hair care products without spending any extra time or money. What’s more, if you use your conditioner correctly, you can get away with using less of it and save money that way as well.
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