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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

How To Beautifully Enhance Your Eyes

How To Enhance Your Eyes and Get Rid Of Those Dark Circles

Outline Eyebrow with a white pencil to cover the areas that you need to pluck or shave. This will make it easier to keep things symmetrical. By planning things out in advance, you can make any changes or alterations you need before committing to the look you will have.

Pluck or Shave area- Using tweezers simply pluck the hairs that fall withing the white area outlined in the above step. You can also use a razor the shave the area if you like.

Cut unruly hairs -

Use a small brush anf scissors to cut the unruly eyebrow hairs and create a neat shape the can be enhanced by the following steps.
Choosing the right color –

Next you need to appy the concealer. Salmon works best for most fair type skin, but you will have to adjust according to your own skin type.
Apply Concealer –

Use a brush to get it to apply evenly, this helps to cover the dark areas under the eyes, as well as the eyelid
Eyeliner –

Apply eyeliner as close to the eyeline as possible, then smudge it, giving it an almost smoky effect. How much you spread it is up to you, this depends on the look you are after.
Defining the crease –

Use a thin contouring brush to define the crease at the eyelid. When this is done focus is taken away from any dark areas under the eyes.
Curling lashes –

Use an all over brush to clean up excess makeup then use a lash curler to curl the lashes before applying mascara, not after.

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