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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Top 5 Gifts for Your Girlfriend This Christmas

(Written by Sarah Toce)

1. Bookstore Gift Certificates - Every woman enjoys choosing her own gift and by using a gift certificate, you can be sure she is getting whatever she wants for Christmas. If she isn't a huge reader, she can always buy herself a journal, magazine or crossword
puzzle book. Barnes & Noble, Borders and independent bookstores are great places to purchase gift cards anywhere from $10.00-$200.

2. Spa Package with the Girls - If your girlfriend loves to get a mani/pedi with her friends, this is the ultimate gift choice for her. Visit her favorite salon or spa and ask if they sell gift certificates. If they do, check out the spa packages and purchase one for your girlfriend and, if they aren't very expensive, buy an extra one for one of her closest friends. You will not go wrong with this idea! Feel like scoring more points? Go along with her to the spa! Trust me, she will love it!

3. Basket of Her Favorite Colors - Purchase a basket and fill it with all of her favorite things. For instance, you can include her favorite candy, flowers, soap, tea, chocolate, make-up and lotion. The ideas are limitless. Anything goes for this gift basket!

4. Give Her a Honey-Do Coupon Book - Does your girlfriend ask you to do things you sometimes do not feel like doing? Well, this is the time of the year to suck it up and make it up to her with a coupon book that she can use whenever she'd like something done around the house, etc. You can create these coupons online through different websites (the templates are already made) or you can design them yourself. Choose from "you will do the dishes" to "you will change my oil"; the possibilities are far and wide. She will love this idea.

5. Make Dinner and Watch Her Favorite Movie - This is a gift idea that never gets old. Send her a message (email, text, Facebook or Twitter) that says that you are going to make her dinner and watch her favorite movie with her. She will love the attention and will most likely look forward to seeing you after work, school and such. Sometimes the best gifts are those that are not purchased in stores.
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