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Saturday, April 3, 2010

5 Golden rules of digital photography

Automatic is OK
While you can get some great results by messing about with your camera’s settings, remember to set it back to automatic mode when you’re done. Taking a great photograph is often about capturing a moment, so don’t lose it!

Shutter speed and ISO on dull days
If you’re shooting on an overcast day or in low light, try setting the ISO and shutter speed a little higher (400 ISO and 1/400 sec shutter to start with). Beware of a bit more noise though despite the lack of blur in the pictures.

Spot metering for vivid backgrounds
If you’re shooting a person against a bright background (the sky, for instance), set your exposure meter mode to “spot” and focus on the person. This prevents the subject being under exposed. If the background is of particular interest, try using a standard metering mode and turning on the flash to light up your subject.

Get closer
In photos of people, the subjects can often be lost amidst too much background. Get close to your subject to make sure they are the focus of your shot, and position them to one side of the frame, not dead centre. This will give your frame a non-amateur look.

Use the rule of thirds
For landscape shots, try to fill the frame with one third sky and two thirds land. Or if the sky is really interesting, do it the other way. Half-and-half never looks quite right.
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