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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Here’s how to take a great holiday portrait with a DSLR

Step 1
Don’t shoot pictures with the sun directly behind you: first, you might cast a shadow across the frame, and second, the person in the shot will probably be squinting.
If you have to shoot into the sun, put the flash on so you don’t get a dark subject – this is called “fill flash.”

Step 2
It’s better to get a good shot of your subject than a bad shot of them with the scenery, so don’t worry about cropping or letting the background go out of focus. If you really want the scenery in all its glory, pick the smallest aperture you can to get everything in focus.

Step 3
If nothing else, the person’s eyes should be sharp, as they’re the first things we look at. If your subject is off-centre, choose the focus point nearest their eyes. Blurry eyes don’t make for great pics.

Here’s how to take a great action shot with a rugged camera

Step 1
Don’t be afraid to get in close. Of course, you don’t want to put yourself in any danger, but use the zoom to crop in really close and fill the frame.

Step 2
Play around with shutter speeds. Anything slower than 1/60th of a second will give some blur (depending on the speed of the action) -- and blur conveys a sense of movement. Try 1/30th to capture the movement of car wheels.

Step 3
Try the burst mode. Taking a sequence of action shots using this function can not only give a better chance of capturing the right moment, but you could end up with a cool sequence of shots that tells the story. Don’t rely on it, though.
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