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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Butterfly Card

A Mother's Day card that takes you and your family outdoors!

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What you'll need:

* Cardstock paper (colored)
* Transparent green paper
* 1/8" ribbon (colored)
* 1 medium-size button
* Butterfly (artificial)
* Double-sided tape (padded)
* Patterned design paper
* Small round beads (colored)
* Glue or glue gun
* Scissors
* Tree branch (small)

How to make it:

Step 1:

1. Cut out a 7" x 14" square of colored cardstock and fold in half.
2. Cut out a 4" x 4" square of patterned design paper.
3. Cut out a 4" x 4" square of colored cardstock.

Step 2:

1. Glue colored cardstock and design paper together (4" x 4" square pieces).
2. Place double-sided tape on back edges of colored/design paper.
3. Adhere the colored/design square to front of card.
4. Draw and cut leaves (small) out of transparent green paper and fold in middle.
5. Glue leaves onto tree branch and round beads at base of leaves and on branches.
6. Glue the butterfly onto tree branch and onto design paper.

Step 3:

1. Glue a button (medium-sized) onto front of card at center edge.
2. Cut a 5½" piece of coloured ribbon, make a loop and knot the ends (cut off excess).
3. Wrap loop over button and glue knotted end onto back of card.
4. Glue (2) small leaves on top of knotted end and a round bead at base of leaf.

Final Card:

* Front image
* Back image


* You can also add to this unique Mother's Day Card by substituting with various types of tree branches.
* You can also substitute the butterfly for other insects, animals or small birds.
* You can use various patterns of design paper and coloured cardstock.
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