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Saturday, April 3, 2010

My Garden Window Card

Create this one-of-a-kind, hand-made gift card to celebrate Mother’s Day!

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What you'll need:

* Cardstock paper
* Lace piece
* Ribbon
* Fresh flowers or small plant
* Adhesive tape or glue gun
* Floral foam
* Pearl beads (2)
* Double-side padded adhesive tape
* Scissors
* Pencil
* Small plastic sandwich bag
* Ruler
* Printable pattern 1
* Printable pattern 2

How to make it:

Trace template shapes onto cardstock and cut out with scissors as follows:


* Print out card pattern on cardstock
* Cut out 10” W x 7” L size card
* Cut out a rectangle-shaped window on front of card
* Score centre of card half-way down from top of card and fold in half


* Print out window pattern on cardstock
* Cut out (2) 1/8” W x 3¼” L strips for window pane
* Cut out (2) 1/8” W x 4¼” L strips for window pane
* Cut out (2) rectangle-shaped frames for inside & outside of window


* Print out box pattern on cardstock
* Cut out box and score sides as per dotted lines
* Cut out scalloped trim piece for front of box


1. Place (4) window strips evenly apart - (2) horizontally and (2) vertically (criss-cross shape formation to fit inside window).
2. Glue criss-cross strips onto window on inside of card.
3. Glue frame onto window – (1) on front and (1) on inside of card.
4. Pleat with fingers and glue a piece of lace material (2” W x 4” L) at the top and on the inside of window frame (for window curtain).
5. Score, fold and glue sides of the flower box together.
6. Place a strip of padded sticky tape on back of scalloped trim and adhere to front of flower box.
7. Glue flower box onto the front of the card (flush at bottom edge of card and centre under window).
8. Cut out (2) pieces of coloured ribbon (1/8” W x 10” L) for card ties.
9. Loop (1) end of each piece of ribbon and glue looped-end onto front and back of card, half-way down from top and close to the edge of the card.
10. Glue and place a pearl bead on top of each looped-end of ribbon.
11. Cut out a piece of floral foam to fit inside the flower box.
12. Soak floral foam in water and place inside a small plastic sandwich bag, trim (if needed).
13. Place wet floral foam inside the flower box.
14. Cut and insert a small bunch of fresh flowers or plant in the floral foam to create a flower box.


* You can also add to this unique Mother’s Day Card by simply inserting a picture inside (using corner tabs), making it a one-of-a-kind keep-sake card.
* You can use different fabric for curtains.
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