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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Twinkle Tree Christmas Gift Wrap Idea


1. Cut a square piece of fabric large enough to pull up around box with about 2” of excess fabric at the top. Cover box with fabric, smoothing sides, then tie at the top with ribbon or cording of choice.

2. Refer to pattern and use a chalk pencil to freehand draw Christmas tree design on one side of box. Or, if desired, flip pattern over and trace over design lines with chalk, then place chalk side down on side of box and rub hands over paper to transfer design in chalk onto fabric.

3. Carefully squeeze Glitter Bond over design, including star on top of tree.

4. While adhesive is still wet, sprinkle Turquoise glitter over the star, Silver glitter over the top third of tree, Gold glitter over the middle section and Red glitter over the bottom third of tree. Shake off excess glitter.

5. Add dots of glue randomly around tree. Sprinkle Silver glitter over dots while still wet. Shake off excess glitter and let design dry completely.

Via: I Love To Create
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