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Friday, June 27, 2014

How to Find Authority Websites and Get Links From Them

What Is An Authority Site?

Let's start by defining what an authority site is not. It's not always the top result in Google. It's not always even found on the first page, depending upon the day and the latest algorithmic changes. Certain niches tend to be spammier, too, with the top results being utter trash.

As SEOs, we know not to immediately trust the "best" results that are served up. But what about your average small business owner or, as I like to say, what about my mom? Bless her heart. If my mom were looking for the best hotel in Pigeon Forge, she'd book the first result she found, then fuss at me for its craptastic bed and lack of closeness to a McDonalds. I run the Internet, to her.

Think about gossip. If you hear something, you generally do consider the source. If your friend Karly is known for spreading false information and she tells you that your other friend Jamie just got fired, you probably won't immediately leave Jamie a message that says "I'm so sorry you got fired!" right? You'd either ask Jamie or, if he couldn't be reached, you'd ask Jamie's roommate as he always knows what's going on with Jamie.

An authority site is just like a person that can be trusted to give you what you're looking for.

Sometimes you get lucky with a search and the first results are true authorities. But generally speaking, using placement as a defining way to identify an authority can seriously backfire, especially when there's a lot of volatility in the SERPs.

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