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Friday, June 27, 2014

If Content Is King, What Makes Authority Content?

And last but certainly not least, let's talk about what makes authority content. You want links from authority content but you also want to author authority content since that can easily lead to great links for you.

Authority content needs to be something that can be verified elsewhere. If all the big sites are saying one thing and you say the opposite, you can't hope that anyone will think that you're the one who's correct, even if it happens to be the case. Authority content needs to be able to back itself up whether it's by citing other sources or by proving a case.

The thing to remember is that one great link is worth many lower-quality ones. For example, I write for a few sites that send me fantastic leads each month. These links do help my site rank higher but for me, the important thing is the direct, qualified leads that I get whenever an article comes out.

There are links to my site on many sites that have never once sent me any qualified traffic. They all work together to boost my site's profile but still, I'm not generating business from them for the most part. That's the goal right? You want to have converting traffic, whatever defines your conversion.

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