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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Getting to the Finish Line | Phase #1: Fundraising

Phase #1: Fundraising | Successfully completed.
Big thanks to the sponsors who made it happen! 

Chris Cooper $150.00 
Noel Hernandez $50.00 
Alicia Gonzalez - Capestany $50.00
Nelly Lizarraga $40.00 
Kinza Schuyler $25.00 

I'm looking forward to upcoming races on behalf of fantastic charities. 

March 28th | White Center 5K
April 19th | Seahawks 12k
May 10th | The Color Run
June 13th | Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon
June 14th | Furry 5k
July 25th | Torchlight Run

I will be tracking my weekly progress, so stay tuned. See you at the finish line! 
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