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Friday, December 11, 2015

Holiday Detox

1. green tea
start your day and finish off any heavy meals with a detoxifying cup of green tea. not only will it help you digest faster and cleaner, but it will keep things, uh, moving the way they should. I guarantee you won’t feel as yucky come January 2nd.
2. alone timeyes, it’s true – the holidays are full of fun with loved ones (which let’s face it, can also be a tad stressful). sometimes, you just crave alone time. check out mentally for a bit; put on some music and spend a few minutes reading a magazine, or a book.
3. green juicei drink a green smoothie full of chlorophyll, probiotic and any nutrient you can think of, daily. find a great powder version at whole foods and it will be your best friend during, and after the holidays.
4. dry brushwinter is really taxing on the skin, and if you dry brush, you’ll win that battle. not only does it get rid of dead skin like nothing else, but it stimulates the blood flow and leaves you feeling refreshed.
5. fresh airwhen it’s chilly, we usually huddle indoors, heck, i’m in my pj’s for almost two weeks straight and i love it! get outside for a bit and take a brisk walk around the ‘hood. not only will it refresh the senses, but it will help you feel a little less like a sloth.
6. coconut waterthis is my secret weapon. i drink the stuff when i feel tired, yucky, dehydrated, hungover, or even when i’m just plain bored. it’s a pick me up that can’t be beat.
7. stretchwhen i feel sluggish, 15 minutes of stretching revives me instantly. it’s a low impact way to get things feeling good.

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