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Friday, December 11, 2015

Last Minute Holiday Decor on a Budget

Cotton Balls or Snow…YES!

Fishing string with puffs of fluffy cotton can look like falling snow. Get varies sizes of cotton, thread the string through a few pieces and ta da! This could be great in a window, maybe hanging in a foyer or door wall.

Glittering Fruit…for the partridge in his pear tree

Purchase some dollar store fake fruit, find a glitter that correlates with you decor, modge podge and go!  Look how pretty!

Christmas Bulbs + Time = Cool Tree

We all have extra bulbs lying around so use those to create a hanging Christmas tree.  This could be above your dining room table, in the corner of a formal room, at the office, or in placement of the “typical” tree.  If you try this, make sure you have time and are full of patience that day.  Check out the full how to on

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