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Monday, July 11, 2016

Chakras for beginners – Easiest explanation ever for the Seven chakras


Chakras for beginners – A Complete guide for all the seven chakras

Understanding chakras for beginners is sometimes complicated but here I present the easiest possible approach to understand the significance of chakras in human body. The word chakra comes from Sanskrit which means wheel. Chakras are the energy centers in the form of wheel that rotates in circular motion and are located throughout the body. These chakras vibrate at different vibratory levels and radiate energies in different frequencies. The seven chakras which are the major chakras in our body regulate different organs and glands of our body. They also influence our physical and mental characteristics. Balanced and clear chakras will energize our mind, body and soul that ultimately help us leading a happy and harmonious life. Most of us can only access the lower 3 chakras through our entire life.
chakras for beginners
chakras for beginnersBalance your chakras now!
Chakras are unbalanced when any of our chakra is either under active, over active or blocked, thereby resulting in low mental, emotional and physical level. Different toxins, impurities and chemicals present in our water, food and air also contribute to imbalanced chakras. Chakras are interdependent and hence an imbalanced chakra also impacts other chakras. The state of balanced chakras for beginners can be attained by practicing various techniques such as meditation, kundalini awakening and using various chakra crystals & chakra jewelry. This is very much comparable to weight reduction program, which cannot be a success if we starve for 2-3 days rather, it demands a disciplined diet and physical exercises. Similarly, we must practice and imbibe the chakra balancing methodologies in a disciplined fashion to maintain the balanced state of chakras. For detailed information and more insights, please refer to chakra cleansing section. I have listed the detailed description of each chakra below and I assure you that this simplified explanation will be encouraging and will take us a step ahead in our journey of exploring inner-self.
  1. Root chakra (Muladhar chakra): this chakra is located at the bottom of our spine and is mainly responsible for our survival process and basic needs. This chakra is connected to adrenal gland. The color of root chakra is red. Root chakra shares the deepest connection to the physical body and world. Transcendence to corresponding upper chakra from root chakra primarily depends on the childhood experiences and brought up. Good child hood leads to faster transcendence while unpleasant and unsafe childhood often leads to anxiety, depression and trauma which indicate the blockage in root chakra.
  2. Sacral chakra: This chakra is also known as swadhisthana chakra , it is mainly responsible for sexual activities and attraction. This chakra is connected to testis in men and ovaries in women, and also governs gonads gland. The color of this chakra is orange. Once we achieve the basic survival needs, our soul move towards the sacral chakra. During this phase of life, we understand the process of interaction and attraction with opposite sex.
  3. Solar plexus chakra: This chakra is also known as manipura chakra and it is responsible for will power and knowledge. Solar plexus chakra governs the functioning of pancreas and the color of solar plexus chakra is yellow. During the transition from lower chakra to solar plexus, our will power compels our soul to understand how everything works around us and our soul serves its quench by acquiring more and more knowledge. Most of us in this world will only realize the power of lower three chakras throughout the life.
  4. Heart chakra: This chakra is also known as anahata chakra. It is essentially responsible for love and communication. This chakra is connected to thymus gland and it is represented by green color. Heart chakra is the gateway to upper higher chakras and we reach here after completing all the basic survival needs, knowing enough about sexuality and attraction and acquiring apt information about, mostly everything around us. Our soul searches for something beyond this world, beyond the real and then it reaches to the gateway of higher consciousness. Our consciousness expands as we reach higher and higher. The higher we reach, the more we connect to creation and the less we relate to the lower three chakras. For eg, we don’t worry much about power, sex and money rather we search for more love, peace and spiritual wisdom.
  5. Throat chakra: This chakra is also known as vishuddha chakra and it is responsible for speech and expression. Throat chakra governs the action of thyroid gland and the color for this chakra is blue. After ascending towards throat chakra, we realize that there is more beyond power, money and day to day survival. So we start accepting these thoughts by expressing ourselves to others via our speeches and thoughts and tell them the truth beyond the physical.
  6. Brow chakra: It is also known as ajna chakra. Commonly referred as the third eye, this chakra is responsible for psychic and intuitive abilities and it is1 associated with pituitary gland. The color of brow chakra is indigo. Reaching up to brow chakra, our consciousness expands to the level where in we can see, hear and actually feel things and life beyond the physical through our psychic and intuitive abilities.
  7. Crown chakra: This chakra is also known as sahasrara chakra and it is responsible for spiritual growth. This chakra regulates pineal gland. The color of this chakra is violet. Crown chakra is activated when the other 6 chakras are completely balanced and cleared. In this phase we access our higher self, sometimes referred as god, angels, spirit guides which are synonyms for the ultimate source-the creation. This stage can be achieved by kundalini awakening and meditation.
One of the best book that  I recommend about understanding chakras for beginners is Chakras: Energy Centers Of Transformation
Pure light consist of spectrum of seven colors which are present in similar order that to our chakras: red has longest wavelength and lowest frequency whereas violet is vice versa. it can also be concluded that we are light beings.  That is why different crystals can affect different chakras thereby helping us balancing our chakras.
light and chakras
It is proven physics that whenever a ray of pure light passes through a prism, then it gets divided into seven different colors known as spectrum of light and these colors are arranged in ascending order of their frequency and decreasing order of wavelength. With that I mean to say that red has the lowest frequency and highest wavelength whereas violet has the highest frequency and lowest wavelength. As explained above, chakras also have same arrangement of colors, with same order of frequency and wavelength. Here we see a strong co-relation between color of chakras and color of spectrum. So if a ray of light has 7 colors and our chakras have 7 colors too with the similar properties, then this takes us to an interesting conclusion, that we are light beings. Just take a minute and think about it.
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