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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Metal DIY Bath Bomb Mold-Mix Your Own Recipes

I love bath bombs, essential oils, bath salts and pretty much anything that enhances my adult bath time. I've been making my own bath salts since 2012 and tend to give them out during the holidays. It's the perfect gift. Easy to make, affordable and so freaking thoughtful.

My next craft challenge is learning how to make bath bombs. I recently received a set of metal bath bomb molds in exchange for my honest review, so here you go. The molds are a lot smaller than expected, so if you're already a pro then keep in mind that these would be for your mini creations. The set is perfect for someone like me who is learning and doesn't want to waste supplies. Practice makes perfect, so these little guys are great for beginners.

I plan on making a few bath bombs this week and hopefully I can add them to my EtsyShop over the weekend. If you have any tips or suggestions for good recipes, please send them over. I am excited to start making some fun looking bath bombs filled with relaxation and good vibes.

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