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Saturday, November 12, 2016

24 Hours of Gratitude Challenge

Are you up for a gratitude challenge this weekend? 

Election season was toxic and emotions are still running high for a lot of people. Understandably so. I even had a racist encounter while walking home and it took a lot out of me, but I did not respond with hate or violence. If I had a reset button on this past week I would press it without hesitation. But as we know, there are no do-overs in life. So, I will do my best to not allow hate into my heart. I will focus on the good, make sure those around me see good, find ways to do good and hope that the ripple is far reaching.

A while back, I did this challenge; the goal is to go 24 hours without complaining about a single thing. If you mess up, it's ok to start over. You might be surprised at how hard this can be. By doing so... I was much more mindful of how I think (and what I spend my time thinking about) and it shone a light on the ways I could choose to be more positive.

So, today I once again embark on that challenge and I invite you to join me. I challenge you to be mindful of your complaining for (at least) 24 hours. This isn’t about living a complaint-free life. It's about challenging yourself to do something that’s potentially life-changing during the only time that matters... today. 
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