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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

How to Etch Glass

I've been meaning to etch glass for a while. I bought a Cricut Expression machine this summer and I just finally got around to make designs for my etching glass projects. My first project was very simple, but that's because I wanted to focus on doing it right and learn from my trial and error.

Make sure your work area is near a sink. If not, have water and paper towels near by. Glass etching can get messy if done the wrong way. If you're lucky, you have a Cricut Expression Machine. If so, then cut out your vinyl on medium speed and high pressure. I played with the speed and pressure as I cut out different vinyl designs. The Cricut makes cutting designs the easiest task out of the project. Now, you can always use a craft knife if you don' have a die cutting machine. It can take you longer but it works the same way. The Cricut just saves time and it has tons of cartridges to select from. If you're into crafts, scrapbooking, and all that, then I strongly recommend you purchase one.

So let's begin. You can make something simple like I did or start big.

You'll need:

1) Contact Paper
2) Armour Etch
3) Paintbrush
4) A glass piece.

Carefully apply the contact paper to the glass. Again, work carefully and try to keep wrinkles and bubbles away from the design. Etching creme is thick but it will run into areas that are not stuck down. Keep etching creme of your skin and be careful as you use it. If you have children at home, make sure to keep it in a place they can't get a hold of it.

Put the creme on and make sure to work in a dabbing motion. Cover the design as evenly as you can. I was told to wait 10 minutes, but I worked on the project at night so I left it overnight. Rinse it off in running water. Get all the creme off. Remove the contact paper and dry the glass.

Congratulations, you now have a beautiful piece of etched glass.

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